Welcome to Pangea Pizzeria

We are pleased to bring Pangea’s Pizza to downtown Evansville, IN in the refurbished National Biscuit building built in 1894. Our objective for this operation is to bring excellent pizza to downtown Evansville with the same foundations you have come to expect at Pangea Kitchen with some new twists.

First and foremost our recipe for success will be artisanal ingredients, made in-house or sourced from Italy along with our local vendors supporting many of the products needed to create our pizza.


Another key ingredient to our success will be time. Time invested to build dough that has incredible flavor created through long fermentation programs, not loads of yeast.

Expect unique ingredients created in-house by our culinary team such as marinated onions, fresh squeezed lemons and infused olive oils to finish our pizzas. Simple things like grating our Parmesan cheese from a block onto our pizzas after the baking process ensures the optimal freshness and flavor. The small details matter in taking our pizzas to the next level.

Man sprinkling ingredients


Our pizza will have many of the same characteristics of our wood-fired Neopolitan Pizza with some new elements that we believe will make our product more consumer friendly for carryout and possibly delivery in the future. The pizzas will be offered in 14 and 18-inch formats with a crispier crust. This style of pizza is excellent by the slice, which we are currently offering during our lunch service.

You will see a few of the favorites from the Pangea menu, but the majority of the pizzas will be new offerings with an emphasis on traditional recipes with artisanal ingredients and a Pangea spin. In form with the Pangea brand, expect to see pizzas from different parts of the world with unique ingredients.


But you can buy gelato and that is pretty much the same thing. You can now get Pangea’s gelato downtown! Our gelato is made fresh daily using equipment and ingredients imported from Italy. We strive to incorporate flavorful combinations including the traditional and the experimental. Our gelato makers’ creations range from the simple fruit sorbettos to the decadent creamy gelatos.


Pangea Pizzeria offers housemade, larger than the average cookies. With some fun and flavorful combinations, we hope to tempt you in the best way.  Our cookies will be better warmed slightly and topped with our gelato.

OPEN FOR LUNCH & DINNER: TUE - THURS 11-2 & 4-9, FRI - SAT 11-2 & 4-10